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Find out how to buy property using none of your own money

The perfect course for you if you are new to investing, or if you have one or two properties that you have purchased in the conventional way.

Saturday 26th October 2019
Saturday 9th November 2019
One of the most profitable ways to invest in property is to buy from motivated sellers, who are more than happy to sell you their property for less than the true market value. This means that you make instant equity profits from day one, as well as monthly positive cash flow and the long-term capital growth.

Right now, there is massive uncertainty in the UK property market. There are tens of thousands of people who need and want to sell their property but they can’t because there are just aren’t enough buyers in the market. First-time buyers don’t think they are able to buy, and amateur investors are waiting until they are certain that the market has recovered and is on its way up again before they buy. What this means for you is that there is a HUGE opportunity, as long as you know what you are doing, and start taking action now!

By attending the Property Mastermind Foundation (PMF) seminar you will know exactly how to profit in the current property market whilst minimising the risks. On this one day seminar, you will learn everything you need to start successfully investing in Property. You are going to know exactly what to do and even have your own action plan to make sure you get a quick start!

However, there are THREE BIG problems that could prevent you from benefiting –
1: This does not work where you live?
Most investors understand the concept of buying property below market value but just don’t understand why anyone would sell for less than its worth or BELIEVE that there would be any motivated sellers in their area.

The reality is that there are motivated sellers everywhere. For those desperate sellers, the speed and certainty of the sale is more important than the amount of money the sale will generate. It’s important to clarify that you are not going to take advantage of these people. Far from it, rather you will be providing an ethical win-win solution to their problem. Your first challenge is to understand why these people are motivated and realise you can help them. There are over 28 difference reasons why someone may sell below market value, all of which you will discover on property investors network one day PMF seminar.
2: Are you looking in the wrong place?
Once you understand why someone would sell the house below market value, you need to find these motivated sellers. Most amateur investors will go to estate agents and auctions in the hope of picking up great property bargains. There is nothing wrong with this strategy but frankly, it can be hard work, there can be lots of competition from other amateur investors, and most of the sellers are not actually that motivated.

The best way to find sellers is to get them to find you! With the correct strategy, you should be inundated with sellers who are happy to sell their property to you for less than its worth. On this seminar you will learn 20 different strategies for finding motivated sellers including the fastest and easiest method which means that you will be able to find motivated sellers within 24-hours of attending this seminar without having to spend a penny on advertising!
3: What do you say to sellers?
Once you’ve found these motivated sellers, you need to know what to say to them, how to help them and come up with the best ethical solution so that everyone wins. You will learn exactly how you can do this so that the seller wants you to buy the property even if someone else offers them more money.

This seminar will show you how most amateur investors get this completely wrong, and end up missing out on some fantastic deals, simply because they have not bothered to educate themselves properly.
Giving you the Unfair Advantage!
The Property Mastermind Foundation (PMF) seminar really is going to give you an unfair advantage over other less educated investors who don’t understand the value of investing in themselves.

This one-day interactive workshop has been specifically designed to give you all of the tools, knowledge and contacts you need to start finding great investment deals as soon as possible.

To summarise, on this accelerated learning experience you will learn:
  • What is your reason why [Mindset]
  • Goal setting
  • Why now is a great time to invest
  • 5 Golden Rules
  • Motivated Sellers – What are they, who are they and where can you find them
  • Conducting your Research
  • How to evaluate a deal
  • How to use equity in your own home
  • Planning your next steps
    In fact everything you need to start successfully and safely investing in property.

    Where and when?

    We only run this one-day event a few times a year, scroll down to see the next locations and dates. We pick these locations as they are easy to get to from anywhere in the UK as we attract investors from all over the country to this one day seminar. This means it is also a great opportunity for you to network with other investors from around the country.
    What is the investment required?

    Investing in your own education is probably the very best investment you can make, followed closely by property investing. To attend this special one-day intensive Property Mastermind Foundation seminar, your investment is just £397 +VAT which includes your workbook, hot buffet lunch and refreshments throughout the day. We offer a 100%, money back guarantee, as detailed below, so there is absolutely no risk for you to attend this event.

    If you are serious, about increasing your wealth through investing in property, then it is critical that you understand how to do it safely, to minimise the risk and maximise your return.
    Your biggest investment is spending a day of your time on this seminar. However, what you are going to learn would take you years to learn on your own, the hard way by trial and terror! This seminar is designed to save you an incredible amount of time by teaching you exactly what you need to know to start successfully investing in property right now!

    Although we could easily charge a lot more for this valuable information, we have decided to keep the investment to attend this event at this affordable level to make it accessible to anyone who wants to attend.

    If you don’t feel this seminar is worth far more than the investment you make to attend, simply tell us anytime up to lunchtime, return the course materials and you can have a full refund. We know that the value we give is always far greater than the investment you make.

    As my gift to you, when you attend this one-day seminar you will also receive 12 months access to this one day homestudy (RRP £297 plus vat) so you can refer to this valuable content, again and again.


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